From Brand Fans to Brand Ambassadors

Clothing is the ultimate means of expression, individuality, eccentricity, feelings and preferences. Because fans with their fire are emotionally connected, they need to carry this out.

Dress the fans of your brand with your own designer clothes. Make your brand a fashionable lifestyle and fans to the ultimate brand ambassadors.

Why own merkleding?

It serves as an ultimate brand loyalty tool, realizes a true fire extension, achieves a deeper connection with the brand and builds on close Merkel.

Deeper Target Group
  • Demographic analysis
  • Cultural analysis
  • Identifying drives
  • Creative Concept
  • Graphic Print Design
  • Custom Fashion Design
  • Identity and brand value
  • Communication objective
  • Ambition of your Brand
  • Brand Story in Clothing
  • Archetypal substantiation
  • Strategic substantiation

Exclusively designed Just For Your Brand

Brand values reflected in clothing

Clothing defines the man or the woman.
It tells an individual story. When A fire manages to enter that personal space, his story is also told and shared daily.

Izabela Gort | CEO Izzy Branding